What does Yachtdomain do?

We partner with world leading yacht brands – Leopard Catamarans and Nordhavn, for the sale of new vessels in the Australian and New Zealand markets. We provide exclusive access to the global charter sales programs for The Moorings and Sunsail. And we offer an extensive international selection of pre-owned vessels for sale.

Our core business is the sale of boats using a model that fuses a dynamic on-line presence with traditional face-to-face service along Australia’s east coast and beyond.

How we go about our business

  • Integrity and honest dealing underpin the Yachtdomain culture.
  • You’ll experience a vibrant team spirit (no egos).
  • Our style is informal, empathetic and engaging, yet thoroughly professional and business-like in attending to detail as well as the big things.
  • We listen, we’re responsive, and we are quick to act.

How our clients benefit

Our track record and the team’s massive cumulative knowledge (products and industry) is fully leveraged with every transaction to deliver highly successful outcomes for both seller and buyer.


  • You’ll discover a cast iron commitment to customer service and value embedded in our Yachtdomain culture.
  • We listen carefully to fully understand customers’ needs so we can deliver on expectations.
  • For sellers, Yachtdomain is an industry leader in best practice marketing.
  • For buyers, Yachtdomain sets you confidently on your path to infinite enjoyment on the water.

Our unique qualities

  • No compromises when it comes to integrity and honest dealing.
  • Powerful fusion of experience, passion and performance.
  • Razor sharp customer service and value focus.
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